Reserve 107 – Reconciliation on the Prairies

Today I attended an amazing event at Leamington United Mennonite Church, which included a screening of short documentary called Reserve 107 – Reconciliation on the Prairies. It is a powerful film, and the makers of the video have made it available to stream for free on their website: This is a powerful story, but I must … More Reserve 107 – Reconciliation on the Prairies

Don’t Just Stand There

I came across a video through social media this week that made me think. The Guardian recently released a video in their opinion section that makes a very simple point about racism (if you watch the video, I will warn you that there is some course language). The video’s speaker, in talking about racism, makes a distinction between what he calls “non-racists” … More Don’t Just Stand There

Pov.ology Promo

Well, as promised, I have created a promo, a sneak peek, if you will, into Pov.ology. Enjoy!      

Interviews Completed!

If time and money were not an issue, I’m sure I could travel the world full-time for the rest of my life interviewing people about this topic, continuing to learn more and more from a great many faithful people. But, in light of reality, I am a small-church pastor and am undertaking this project as … More Interviews Completed!