Pov.ology is a series of six 30-minute videos that seeks to start a discussion within churches about poverty and how each church and individual can do their part to help those who are less fortunate. The videos and study guides are available to stream or as a free download for anyone to use. If you want to make a donation, please click the Donate button in the menu. Pov.ology was made in association with New Life Christian Fellowship and the Evangelical Mennonite Conference.

Here is a list, in no particular order, of who is part of Pov.ology:

  • Kyle Mason, Founder/Director of the North End Family Centre in Winnipeg
  • Linda Chamagne, Founder/Executive Director of The Bridge, an urban outreach in Saskatoon
  • Greg Pearson, Community & Donor Relations with The Bridge in Saskatoon
  • Steve Bell, Musician and Activist
  • Dr. Ray Vander Zaag, Associate Professor of International Development Studies at Canadian Mennonite University (CMU)
  • Katie (McDougall) Taylor, Circle of Friends Coordinator with MCC Ontario
  • Greg deGroot-Maggetti, People in Poverty Program Coordinator, MCC Ontario
  • Andrew Reimer, Community Minister at Inner City Youth Alive in Winnipeg
  • Irai Rodriguez, Social Worker and EMC Minister
  • Ward Parkinson, Senior Pastor of Rosenort EMC
  • Abe Berg, Senior Pastor of Straffordville EMC
  • Randy Fehr, Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church
  • Dr. Ronald J. Sider, Senior Professor of Theology, Palmer Theological Seminary, and author of “Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger”
  • Shane Claiborne, Founding Member of The Simple Way, Author of “Irresistible Revolution”
  • Albert Loewen, Senior Pastor of Mount Salem EMC

You can download the series from the Download page or stream it via Youtube on the Stream page.

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Special Thanks:

A special thanks to Andrew Walker, for conducting the interview with Irai Rodrigues on my behalf. Also a big thank you to Peter Hamm for letting me borrow some of his equipment, and to Emily Wiebe for her camera work, graphic design, inspiration, and help with just about every step along the way.

Another big thanks to the musicians who graciously gave me permission to use their music as the background music for the series:

Since “Povology” isn’t exactly a real word (at least not yet), here is a possible definition:

Povology | ˈpäv-äləjē |


  • The study of poverty through a theological lens.
  • The intersection of Christian faith and charity.
  • The way the Bible informs one’s response to poverty.