Ending Poverty Together

We are very proud to be a collaborator with a project called “Ending Poverty Together”. It is a group of people and organizations that are contributing resources and helping people work together across institutional lines to further and improve efforts to alleviate poverty at home and around the world.

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Ending Poverty Together


Here is what they have to say in their press release:

Together with a vibrant team of collaborators Food for the Hungry (FH) Canada is excited to announce the launch of Ending Poverty Together.

An innovative, online poverty education hub, Ending Poverty Together is a uniquely Canadian, uniquely Christian resource platform. It boasts hundreds of thought-provoking articles, videos, testimonies, and courses from industry experts around the country who are dedicating their lives to ending poverty in all its forms. This site offers Canadians free access to the knowledge, tools and networks needed to make sustainable and transformational impact for the vulnerable in their communities. And the content is always being refreshed! New ideas, experiences, and resourced will be shared regularly

Ending Poverty Together’s understanding of poverty is revolutionary. By redefining poverty as broken relationships, EPT takes a spiritual, personal, social, and environmental approach to solving some of today’s toughest problems. Whether you’ve been “in the business” of ending poverty for years, or you’ve just started noticing that there might be a problem, you will find support here.

It’s time we broke down the silos and came together to joyfully and confidently face the struggle of poverty-in our own lives, neighbourhoods, cities and world.