Reserve 107 – Reconciliation on the Prairies


Today I attended an amazing event at Leamington United Mennonite Church, which included a screening of short documentary called Reserve 107 – Reconciliation on the Prairies. It is a powerful film, and the makers of the video have made it available to stream for free on their website:

This is a powerful story, but I must warn you that it is a story without a typical “happy ending”. It the story of a very complicated situation that involves governments, injustices, indigenous rights, and various cultural and religious communities. In many parts of Canada there is a great divide among people of different cultures, and this is a story of one community working together to overcome their differences and seek a solution to an injustice that is more than a century old but still affecting people today. Justice still has not been achieved, the historic wrongs have yet to be rectified. But while this film does not end with all the problems solved, it offers a hopeful beginning as they “dance towards reconciliation”.

I heartily recommend that you click the link above, take a half-hour, and watch this documentary. I hope we will see many more stories like this in the future.