Church Conferences & MCC to Promote Pov.ology!

It has been less than 2 months since the official release of Pov.ology. While we are still trying to get the word out there about the series, some folks have become aware of it and some organizations have contacted me to let me know that they will be promoting it.

The Evangelical Mennonite Conference in Canada has already endorsed the series, and played a role in guiding me as I created it. It will continue to be promoted in the EMC.

The Conservative Mennonite Conference in the United States emailed me, letting me know that they plan to promote the series for their churches to use.

Mennonite Church Eastern Canada also emailed, letting me know that they would be promoting it in their churches as well, also citing an appreciation for the missiology and christology presented by the series.

Mennonite Central Committee Canada has promoted the series on their website, and MCC Ontario has been posting one of the videos each week for the past few weeks on their Facebook page.

Keep spreading the word about the series, its as simple as sending someone a link to this website ( or posting it on your Facebook page.

I know of a couple of churches that have already started making use of the material as well. I love hearing about where it is being used, and would love to hear from you if you or your church is going through the series. Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement!