Interviews Completed!

If time and money were not an issue, I’m sure I could travel the world full-time for the rest of my life interviewing people about this topic, continuing to learn more and more from a great many faithful people. But, in light of reality, I am a small-church pastor and am undertaking this project as I have time and money, and the interviews I have conducted have been highly reliant on where I have been travelling anyway, since I cannot financially afford to fly all over the world. Additionally, as I have been the sole benefactor for the financial resources this project has needed, I have been somewhat limited as well. So while there are more people I would have loved to interview for this, I had to draw a line somewhere. That being said, I am very excited about and thankful for the people who I was able to speak with! It has been incredible to sit, ask question of, and learn from so many amazing people.

As far as I can foresee, this is the list of people—in no particular order—who will be a part of Pov.ology:

  • Kyle Mason, Founder/Director of the North End Family Centre in Winnipeg
  • Linda Chamagne, Founder/Executive Director of The Bridge, an urban outreach in Saskatoon
  • Greg Pearson, Community & Donor Relations with The Bridge in Saskatoon
  • Steve Bell, Musician and Activist (sometimes at home I refer to Steve as a “singing theologian”, haha)
  • Dr. Ray Vander Zaag, Associate Professor of International Development Studies at Canadian Mennonite University (CMU)
  • Katie McDougall, Circle of Friends Coordinator with MCC Ontario
  • Greg deGroot-Maggetti, People in Poverty Program Coordinator, MCC Ontario
  • Andrew Reimer, Community Minister at Inner City Youth Alive in Winnipeg
  • Irai Rodriguez, EMC Minister
  • Ward Parkinson, EMC Conference Pastor
  • Abe Berg, Senior Pastor of Straffordville EMC
  • Randy Fehr, Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church
  • Dr. Ronald J. Sider, Senior Professor of Theology, Palmer Theological Seminary, and author of “Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger”
  • Shane Claiborne, Founding Member of The Simple Way, Author of “Irresistible Revolution”
  • Albert Loewen, Senior Pastor of Mount Salem EMC
  • Bruxy Cavey, Teaching Pastor of The Meeting House, Author of “The End of Religion”

Thanks for the feedback and recommendations of people to interview: I was not able to pursue all of the recommendations, and not all of the people I asked to interview were able to accommodate my request or travel schedules.

Thanks for your interest in this project, and more than that for your interest in helping others.

Look for a series promo video soon!