Steve Bell, Shane Claiborne, and Medical Issues

While progress on Pov.ology has been slower the last few months, it still continues. It seems it will not be able to be released this summer, but will be released as soon as I can. The interview stage is almost complete, and then the editing/production phase can begin.

In January I had the privilege of interviewing Shane Claiborne, author of Irresistible Revolution at The Simple Way in Philadelphia. Then in early April, we spoke with the Canadian Musician and Activist Steve Bell while he was in Leamington, ON. The interviews were both fantastic, and we are hoping that in the coming weeks we can conduct our final interviews.


Above: Emily Wiebe, Kevin Wiebe, and Shane Claiborne


Above: Steve Bell & Kevin Wiebe

Another “road block” in this process has been some personal medical issues. I had ankle surgery several months ago, and the recovery process has been quite bumpy, with my body  deciding to create several very large blood clots. Thankfully I seem to be out of the danger zone with all that (praise the Lord!). I was able to continue in my duties full-time pastor, which is also a praise item, but a lot of volunteer stuff and side projects had to be put on the “back burner” for awhile.

Since I am travelling to Manitoba soon for some denominational meetings, I am taking advantage of that time to hopefully interview a couple more people before production can begin.